1. Nick Medskæg

    Good advice

  2. Nudger

    This entire episode is driven by politics – by the government initially setting the right strategy, then being panicked into this ridiculous knee-jerk reaction of putting the nation under house arrest. They’re trying to find a graceful way to get off the ledge they’ve walked out onto.

    This virus is more infectious than some others, because of the way people can be contagious, yet asymptomatic. The only other thing that is novel is that it isn’t very deadly to young people, only the elderly.

    Time to end the sham and stop making the huge damage already done to the economy worse still.

  3. Doug

    I have led by example as have four precious daughters 19-26, leading by example…I am in agreement 6 and social distancing

  4. Stevan Bird

    It’s not just potentially contracting/spreading Covid-19 it’s also a case of the possibility of an accident resulting in a hospital visit. You don’t want to be there at the moment. You can’t get knocked off your scooter if it’s sat in your garage for another 2-3weeks! (Writing about social ride-outs not commuting btw)

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