1. vince
    23rd January 2020 @ 8:00 am

    Totally agree that this is a shite idea , have you ever been broken down and had the refuge of the hard shoulder I have and its scary, standing close to and up front to lorries and cars passing at 50mph plus is not a nice experience but you do have some chance of survival. Take away that lane and you will actually be in the road. That is really scary and bloody dangerous and people are dying because of these roads ! I was reading only the other day about somebody’s son who had died when a lorry piled into their broken down car. The critical time of these roads is those first few minutes until you cause a traffic jam and slow everything right down up till then you are at extreme risk of injury, be careful people !!
    Currently the M4 Reading to the M25 is having this conversion 21 miles of danger !!

  2. ULC Shane
    23rd January 2020 @ 2:42 pm

    I drive HGV for a living and have always said these so called smart motorways are lethal as your relying on some driver too be paying attention on the road when in fact most are gawking into their phone seeing what’s the latest Facebook update on someone taking a dump on the bog and showing the world how proud he/she is of it.Smart Mways have been in Europe for quite a while but the difference their is they actually have breakdown Lane every 100/200 meters where as the uk you only get 1 every 1 or maybe 2 miles apart and they drive a bit better in Northern Europe compared to the uk and Eastern Europe. Government won’t actually do anything until their is more than 6 people killed in the same spot as it’s statistically acceptable for today’s roads. As the main poster has said, the bright spark that introduced this system gets a big pat and bonus for his contribution and dream up more shit all too help save money. Life does not care to them.

  3. paul d
    24th January 2020 @ 1:26 am

    If they aren’t removed it’s only a matter of time before scooterist/motorcycle tragedy. I’ll never travel across one on two wheels again. Without hazard lights and the fact that most traditional scooters lose their lights when the engine stops/seizes, we are left in a hopeless situation. Until they are removed, as a short term solution I think a 30mph speed camera enforced limit along with those distance strips which prevent tailgating should be employed. I agree with ULC Shane about the breakdown lanes/slight curve inwards on the concrete wall, too far apart!

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