1. Darryl Hill

    Maybe worth having within the tech section both for Lambrettas and for Vespas a section covering Torque settings, so that people can have a quick glance if unsure of what the torque setting of the flywheel or cylinder head nuts are, they can quickly scan through and find it or even print off and have on their workshop wall for quick reference!!!!

    Also a forum would be nice with peoples quick fixes etc

  2. Pete Stobbart

    A lot of people get bogged down with electrics maybe some more stuff on the electric side plus upgrades like lights, and I would like to see more on casa 265 engine being built maybe start to finish, and a section on problem stuff like carb set up and port timing,

  3. talmanmkln

    Any new tuning products for both auto and classic scooters most of us ride both a nostalgic corner covering a whole year, the best of 84 etc, although saying this, SLUK is a breath of fresh air covering alot of variety, which has wetted my resurgence back into scootering.

  4. covboy

    I personally like resto features whether custom, classic original, chop, street racer etc. Additionally I would like to see details of proven engine / carb / exhaust set-ups – ie carb jetting….while im on a roll and bashing the keyboard I like the back to back tests of components like carbs / filters/ exhausts / headlights etc!!!!

  5. Andy_S

    I’d like to see more road tests and write ups on the latest tuning products and developments.

  6. keeponkeepinon

    after ive maybe won a copy & read it, then i can add to what i think is needed for the 4th edition 😉

  7. Doug

    Personally loving the Ralleries and updates to riding kit, engines, innovation to make my riding and fixing easier…especially overseas rally write up #adventure

  8. Treeman

    Hi, I’d like to see articles on maintaining, repairing and restoring carried out by keen enthusiasts with tips from them and SLUK about neat tricks etc. to solve problems and make the task easier.

  9. covboy

    how about a SCOOTER PHOTO of the week competition, with the best one featured here?

  10. John Gough

    Maybe a artical on what parts also need upgrading when fitting a bigger kit motor and possibly a GP crank etc.
    It can be a mine field…
    Keep up the good work.

  11. don.garratt

    Perhaps before and after photos of a full restoration project and I like the idea of a forum for technical questions and readers answers.

  12. ULC Shane

    A bodge section would be nice

  13. scarkey

    Doing a good job in being different as is
    but I would like to see short clips of video and pics showing how to do certain jobs, changing of seals and bearings etc when to change and what upgrades are recommended or available.eg which type of seal Viton etc. Also possibly showing how to work out gearing (Final drive ratio) etc

  14. Paul Wilson

    I think a beginner section. For modern scoots too, but especially people getting into older machines. readers tips for newcomers could get a wee gift for best submissions, articles on best practices to simply restore and paths for upgrading. Though there is much info around , its not compiled or edited in any way, you guys could easily do that and make SLUK if not a one stop destination, at least an obvious starting point. funny anecdotes about what not to do would be an obvious regular feature.

  15. Tootie Where's Wallace Stringer

    Maybe, as a person who hasn’t much experience in rebuilding scooters, engines, complete, renovations….in fact any problems with a scooter…. Maybe a rating system as which scooter rebuilding services gives best quality and bang for your Buck,as its really hard to know who to use.

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