1. Doug

    For the rider (but of no interest to me), it is like LML or SIL making variations of the Lambretta and Vespas that they had licences for, but these manufacturers are trying to bypass the law and do it themselves. So is it an integrity issue? cutting the cost of price to market? or just down right wrong?

  2. Papa

    I have this in my industry, we (the manufacture) sell components to the trade, some market trader or wholesaler then tears away at the integrity of the product, price and quality by flooding it with cheap Chinese ‘manufacterurs’ (read ‘intellecual property thieves’) copied offer.

    As an informed consumer we have the power to effect the market with our wallets, but it’s the wholesalers, retailers and long served scooter Mecca’s to NOT offer this to the uninformed consumer. As scooterists we have had hard lessons learned in this arena of ‘copies made from cheese!’

    But that’s business you say! Yes, that’s right, but there won’t be any business when they win the race to the bottom.

    I also recognise that not everyone has the wallet for the higher end, an offer has to be made available , possibly even MUST be made available for the scene to continue.

    What am I saying then?;

    If you want a Vespa? Buy a Vespa.
    If you want cheap Chinese? Buy Chinese.
    But you shouldn’t be allowed to have a fake Vespa at a Chinese price.

    It’s just not the scooterists way !

  3. Toby TheEbt

    Good article about ID theft.
    Can you clarify the difference between this and the Lambretta Scomadi situation?
    As I’ve always wondered. Especially after the whole Rolay Alloy fiasco…. u copied MY copy!!

    Obvs Lambretta is defunded but someone must own the copyright?

  4. Willo

    Maybe wrong idea on this but if you put a suzuki,yamaha,ducati,kawasaki,chinese power ranger version of their motorcycles next to each other i wouldn’t know which was which without the name on each of them as they tend to all look the same.Who copied who from an original design concept? do any of these manufacturers take each other to interlectual rights court? have they had a go at the chinese for bringing out their versions? not as far as i know have they.So why do vespa/piaggio want to is it their right to be the only ones to have the pregnant duck look design and nobody else can do it? tbh i’m not bothered if it means it’s more affordable for anyone to ride a scooter rather than a motorcycle then let them do it.

  5. paul d

    I wonder how much of a Vespa lx is made in Italy? How much of an lx is made in China?

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