1. Frank

    If BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes can’t stop the Chinese making clones of their cars then what chance has a small company like Scomadi.

  2. PandemoniumRocket

    Thats rather sad I reckon..whilst not a Scomadi fan I find it leaves a bad taste in my mouth saying the words Royalloy.. the original designers have put so much into the production and design of a decent enough alternative to a geared scooter and someone has no morals in ripping it off wholesale.. very poor taste.. personally I hope the uk scooter community would get behind Scomadi and chose them over the cheap copy..

  3. Scootlife

    While I applaud what Frank & Paul achieved, I can’t see the difference in the argument?
    Lambretta enthusiasts hate the Scomadi for mirroring the Lambretta GP, and now (some) Scomadi enthusiast are saying boycott the RA Scooter???
    Cheap copy of a Scomadi? It’s the same scooter with a different badge isn’t it?
    This is just an age old argument of choice.
    Lambretta v Vespa v LML v Scomadi v Modena etc etc.

  4. Gary Seale

    The Preston development shed…… ripping off other peoples ideas ………………its true you know, what goes around comes around …..

  5. Stephen Ward

    Both of these are good looking scoots. The shame is that they are both auto’s. I have been into Scootering since 1978 when I have my first Lambretta since then I have always attempted to have both.

    I have looked at both these as a ‘Bretta stand in and I have to admit politics aside the RA wins for me.

    The other new Lambretta retros are dire, good god, what idiot came up with that?

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