Win two pairs of AAA passes for Cleethorpes

Our competition to win two pairs of Access All Areas passes for Cleethorpes has got off to a flying start, the competition runs until 17.30pm on Thursday 7th July so keep sending your photos in, we’ll keep updating this page as they arrive.

For full competition details follow this magic transportation link

Toni Sanders800PX

#1 Toni Sanders

I haven’t been to Cleethorpes scooter rally yet, so here is me, my partner and some of our friends at Bangers and Mash rally this year! I’d love to win the wristbands for Cleethorpes as it’s very local to me and it’s pretty much the only rally all our club members can do together and get into mischief, money is extremely tight this year so it would be perfect to win!

Socking it to the ladies...
Socking it to the ladies…

#2 Phil Cassidy

The picture above was sent in by Phil Cassidy, although he’s not had much to say about his reasons for photographing al fresco naked men he told us “I’ve attached a pic I took of my mate Kenny from the Wildcards SC at the Cleethorpes rally 3 years ago. I’d love to win tickets as Cleethorpes is definitely the best rally of the season – great site, great atmosphere, loads of stuff to do. No other rally comes close in my opinion.”

Stephen Moore800PX

#3 Stephen Moore

I would like to win tickets for Cleethorpes as it is one of the best rallies of the year with no cars, vans, campers etc. A proper old school scooter rally, I can’t wait, bring it on.

Angie Kershaw800PX

#4 Angie Kershaw

I would love to win free tickets to this years rally. Cleethorpes is one of the best rallies with a great campsite at Meridian Park, top facilities & plenty of stalls, plus a ride out. The Beachcomber is a great night but the free bus into town is fab. I love Studio, O%north (Gypsy Tears ), Barracudas & Fiddlers. It’s a shame O’Neill’s has closed this year, the picture is of me and a few friends in there. I can’t wait to catch up with them again this weekend…


#5 Richard Griffiths

This is me and my eldest daughter on a Cleethorpes rally about 16 or 17 years ago. Her and her mum followed us up there in the back up vehicle. She’s twenty now and still wants to be on a scoot. This was taken when I had a little more hair and my PX took me all over the country.

Cheers, Richard Griffiths

A pint too Farr?
A pint too Farr?

#6 Corky Farr

Cleethorpes wore me out; I had such a fantastic time but couldn’t keep up with the pace of everyone else having such fun!

Janet Hopkins800PX

#7 Janet Hopkins

Not Cleethorpes ‘cos my bus didn’t turn up…


#8 Alan Kerr

Please choose me for the free tickets, I made the mistake of taking my daughter on a rally when she was 13 and now I have to take her everywhere so it costs me twice as much! Wouldn’t have it any other way though 😉 That’s her on the right at Cleethorpes 2014.

What if I don’t win? 

Contrary to rumours circulating on social media, you can still simply turn up at Cleethorpes and pay on the gate to camp at Meridian Park. It’s £15 to everybody on a scooter, £20 all others. Remember it’s scooter only on the campsite so don’t turn up expecting to park your motor home/van/car/bus…

If you’re not camping you can just pay on the door at the official evening dos at the Beachcomber Campsite (£5 per night, 8pm-2am). So if you’re not lucky enough to win the competition you can just pay when you arrive.

Day passes £2

Entry to the custom show/dealers market on Saturday costs just £2 and is open 10am-4pm