1. Giles Fielden

    I think some sex wee has just leaked out. Are Casa doing tissues?

  2. ScooterManiac

    Looks epic, fingers crossed that the clutch and gears are up to the job. I’m selling the kids as I reckon they’ll fetch more cash.

  3. joeyfontane

    Sticky..? We need Iain Rice Ricey to show us his dance moves for the Targa Twin on this one..?

  4. Bouncer Cat

    can dis 350cc casa twin fit a 150cc maddog scooter

    • Sticky

      By Maddog you mean Lambretta? In that case, yes.

  5. Dave Cole

    Now a four stroke version of this would make me consider putting this in a series 1 frame I am saving for a special project.

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