1. rogscoot

    I really like the design of it but I wish it didn’t have such a cheap looking front wheel/fork, the previous iteration looked much better. But still, good effort and I would definitely consider one, much better than Piaggio’s terrible Elettrica!

    • Nore Bert

      I totally agree. The Mark I was a truly lovely designed scooter which I fell on love with after first sight. But the current design is way inferior. The basic look of the rear part of the scooter would be ok, if it wasn’t ruined by that ugly seat. it looks a bit like these Asian flat sport seats for smallframes that simply suck ergonomically and from the point of design as well.

      and then the front. ok, the headset/light unit is ok. why not. but the fork looks horribly cheap, like straight off a trashy Chinese twist an go scooter. the fender is fixed with a weird angle, it simply doesn’t look right. the horncast – better don’t get me started. it’s about as ugly as the new GTS design. honestly the indicators are a minor weakness as far as I am concerned. the mirrors themselves don’t fit the classic scooter with their “sporty” plastic looks. for God sake use Chrome mirrors and fix the indicators on the headset like on the bajaj classic models.

      I am sorry, but I really loved the original design. maybe pat and his colleagues can make adaptions that will result in a nice scooter after all.

  2. saigonmark

    I was over at Pats during the new year. The Mk3 Buzz looks really nice quality scoot.

  3. ULC Shane

    The Mk2 is brutal looking compared too the Mk1 still if I was too chose an electric scooter then Retrospective Scooters would get my cash for the small frame Vespa and the latest Lambretta

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