Sunday morning arrives far too early, as it always does for me, and after an old school check of the weather (I look out the window!) I decide that it’s gonna be a bit chilly so on goes the bike gear and I head off to the 10th annual Bulldog Run.

For those that don’t know, the Bulldog Run is a yearly charity rideout supporting The National Bulldog Rescue Centre in Midhurst. The event has been run by Sarah George for the last few years, ably assisted by Area 51 SC. The Bulldog Run started from small beginnings back in 2010 and has gained popularity year on year.


The main rideout leaves from Chichester in West Sussex, with other rides organised to meet there and then on to Midhurst. My meet is at Portsmouth, where we pick up about forty scoots and take a leisurely ride up to Chichester. When we arrive at the main ride the car park is rapidly filling with scooters. I park up and catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while, though as it’s so busy a lot of it is just ‘hi and bye’, as I head back to the scoot and get ready for the off.

The rideout heads out smoothly, and before long we’re heading through the Sussex countryside in blazing sunshine (my choice of full bike gear now proving to be a huge and sweaty mistake). It’s a beautiful ride, up past the Rolls Royce factory, then past Glorious Goodwood and the race circuit and onwards to Midhurst.


When we arrive at The Bulldog Rescue Centre the place is buzzing and we rapidly fill the road up, with over 200 scoots parked in organised chaos on the grass verge outside the rescue centre.

Obviously, the star attractions are the Bulldogs themselves and they spend the afternoon being fussed over by soppy, grinning scooterists, with, I’m sure, more than one or two of them considering dognapping, in fact over the years a number of scooterists have, although they’ve done it properly and adopted them.


After meeting the Bulldogs it’s time to head to the Greyhound pub for the do organised by Area 51 SC, food, music and bulldogs, what more could you ask for on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

Overall nearly £1700 was raised for the rescue centre on the day, a fantastic effort from all concerned. If you want to find out more about the rescue centre check out Bulldog Rescue.

Find out more about the breed here.

See you next year for Bulldog Run 11.

Words and photos: Booga

Rallery by Booga