1. Doug

    Southport…get it booked

  2. Willo

    A good spread around the country interesting to put Southport in that’s different.Shame that some can’t wait until the meeting before advertising their rallies though WSM and Woolacombe being advertised since may this year on their facebook page.

  3. MickYork

    Pity there’s 3 relatively close to each other (IOW, WSM and Woolacombe). With no Cleethorpes was hoping Skegness or Great Yarmouth may have been chosen (or put forward).

  4. Willo

    Skegness rally is already on anyway same time as Weston and a far better rally it is too that’s where i’ll be heading to.It has it’s critics but having been to both i choose what i think is better,Great Yarmouth also has one and is getting bigger each year i’m lead to believe not been so note sure tbh.

  5. Alan Kay

    Morecambe rally on this year with the return of The Carlton venue in July

  6. wintermod65

    theres actually 6 that are pretty close to each other if you group them and run the mileages through Rac route finder

    Woolacombe to Weston = 96 miles, Weston to Portsmouth (for IOW) 143 miles

    LLandudno to Southport = 90 miles , Southport to Scarborough 150miles

    so you could say the rallies aren’t very spread out at all but are clustered in the SW and across the Pennines

    nearest rally to me is the BIG 7 ,but now they have shifted the date it now clashes with a rally my club and another are hosting on the Essex /Suffolk border i dont get long weekends off so the smaller local rallies/events provide something achievable and affordable.
    if the IOW is binned ( and i do hope that ,ferry pirates and “tonic pie fest” comedians )are my reasons for consigning it to history , i hope the new venue will be in the South /Midlands /East Anglia away from the current favoured areas .

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