We had an early morning meet up with club-mate, Mark on sparkly metal flake GP, Psychological Damage, then a ride across to The Festival Inn at Trowell (the venue for one of the old Sherwood Custom Shows in 1985ish) to meet Andy and Ann from ScooterNova and Gord. A rainy morning wasn’t really what we wanted for the 175-mile trek down south to Weston but that’s what we got and thankfully it didn’t last all day and wasn’t the kind of rain that wets you through.


Rather than our usual motorway thrash we’d decided to have a plod down the A-roads for a scenic change. Heading south we also met up with Sticky and Tracy as we headed down the old Fosse Way, a lovely road linking Lincoln to Exeter (what have the Romans ever done for us?). It’s a fairly quiet road that takes you most of the way to Weston.



800 107


Piss poor preparation


The six Lambrettas were running well and all was good. Or it was until I remembered I’d had a problem with my Series 1 in Belgium in September and needed a new carb rubber. To be fair I didn’t remember until it dropped off again at full chat but it was soon bodged back on. This also reminded me that I’d had to have the top end off for a quick stud repair in Belgium and had neglected to check the scooter over properly over winter. The rattling cowlings helped to jog my memory and after enduring the annoyance for an hour or so Ann had had enough and forced me stop to repair it (nobody likes an angry redhead). The main head cowling bolt had worked its way through the cowling and the rattling had worked the bolts out of the flywheel cowling as well.


Other than that the journey down was ok, although it took us nine hours to finally reach the bright lights of Weston-Super-Mare. To be fair it was actually still daylight so there weren’t any lights on.


800 102
800 5 4


It’s fair to say the South West Scooter Clubs know how to put on a good event and Weston is no exception, it has a great self-contained campsite at the Rugby Club (complete with on-site do/bar), banging dos on The Pier and a decent town full of welcoming pubs. 


May Day


This National came just two weeks after Scarborough, thanks to a late Easter this year. It would be quite handy if Jesus would make his mind up when he rose from the dead. Nailing Easter down to a specific date would give the rallies a much better split. Or maybe move May Day to June? Two weeks apart isn’t good for everybody and after Weston it was only three weeks until Kelso. 


800 2 4
800 4 6


After a fairly drunken Friday night and a lie in on Saturday I wandered down to the campsite in search of a new carb rubber (amongst much tat, I finally got one at the LCGB stall) and checked out the custom show. The site was heaving with a real buzz about the place. Lots of scooters, lots of campers, plenty of traders and a good atmosphere. Perfect but I didn’t hang around for too long, these scooters don’t mend themselves and I had Terror’s stag night to get to (him and Karen will be getting married at the Kelso rally), these Mancunians will do anything to save paying for a reception. 



800 13 3
800 103
800 12 5


Flying unicorns


As stag dos go, this one was fairly tame, Terror was dressed in one of Karen’s frocks and quite suited it to be honest. Fred, who is actually quite reserved, was asleep in the first pub and was thrown out. Meanwhile, the girls were on the hen do dressed as unicorns and were behaving badly when we bumped into them later before the do. Karen was the last unicorn standing at 2am, Terror had been snoring in bed for six hours by then. You can tell who wears the trousers in that relationship. 


VIDEO | Marquis Drive


Talking of the do, the band on Saturday night took the bleeding roof off the place. Marquis Drive smashed it, I’ve never seen or heard as many positive comments about a covers band as I have done about these lads. Banging night, a packed dancefloor, a great rally atmosphere and they left the crowd wanting more. The DJ’s were happy to deliver with Terry Walters keeping the punters happy afterwards, what more can you want? Ok, cheaper beer according to a few social media posts both during and after the event. The venue were charging £5 a pint on Friday, Andy from SWSC negotiated with them for Saturday and got it down to £4.50 but still people moaned. I’m sure SWSC could have booked the local Derby & Joan club instead of The Pier and had mild on draft for £1.60 but I don’t think you’d get the same kind of night to cater for 1500 people. We spend thousands keeping our shopping bikes on the road, is the price of a few pints really that big a deal? Seemingly it is.


Anyway, it was a fantastic Saturday night (Friday was great as well) and left us walking back to our digs on a high, just how it should be. The South West Scooter Clubs can be proud of this one for sure. 


800 8 4
800 9 6


Home time


Whilst a few hardy souls stopped on to make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend, we were heading home on Sunday. Just four of us heading straight for the quick motorway route home, four hours of thrashing and I was on the sofa sleeping of the excesses of the weekend. 


Kelso next week for BSRA number 3, you can find out all the info you need about it here. 


Words and photos: Iggy

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