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A crowdfunding campaign by Dutch startup firm, Bolt Mobility has closed after raising €3 million on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. The campaign to raise the capital needed to produce a new electric scooter smashed its target and was oversubscribed by 200%. The fundraising was supported by over 2,000 investors from the UK and Netherlands.

Beginning of the end?

The Dutch company was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Marijn Flipse and Bart Jacobsz Rosier (pictured above), who aim to market the revolutionary new electric scooter brand in 2018. That’s good news for them but not such good news for us fossil fuel freaks.

According to their press release…

The European startup is on a mission to take petrol-guzzling, environmentally harmful scooters off the road, permanently”.

That claim isn’t at all far fetched, especially from a company based in the Netherlands, where Amsterdam will already be phasing out the use of all pre-2011 scooters from 2018. That’s right folks, if you fancy a night in party central on your next Euro adventure you possibly won’t be able to ride there. 77% of the highly populated scooter market will be wiped out in the city. From 2018 you’re more likely to catch chlamydia in Amsterdam than catch sight of a Lammy there (possibly always the case – Ed). We brought you a story about the forthcoming EU ban on ‘dirty scooters’ earlier this year.

Thankfully the UK is lagging behind our European cousins in that respect (legislation not STI contraction stats). As it stands our Government is ‘only’ planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Maybe the Brexit vote wasn’t all bad news!

Although that doesn’t mean we won’t already have legislated our classics off the road before then. We’re already seeing anti-tampering/modification rules coming in to play with the latest shake up of the historic vehicle MOT exemptions (feel free to decipher the new rules here).

Bart Jacobsz Rosier, CEO and co-founder at Bolt, says: “It’s exciting to see so much support from the UK market. The proceeds from our latest fundraise will enable us to push the AppScooter into production next year. We aim to have delivered more than a quarter million scooters to customers by 2020. We are truly excited to be at the forefront of a lucrative market worth over £30 billion a year.”

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The aptly named, AppScooter is retro looking and stylish. As you’d imagine it’s also internet enabled and will connect directly to your Smartphone. Customers will also be able to pre-configure their new scooter and customise it with options on body colour, wheels, extras/accessories, as well as motor and battery size.


  • Range – up to 245 miles on a single charge (3 times more than any other electric scooter).
  • Six battery modules can be stored within the scooter enabling the greater range.

  • 0-25mph in 3.3 seconds 

  • The AppScooter has a seven inch touchscreen with a 4G internet connection, powered by Vodafone.

  • AppScooter’s technology knows your location, answers your calls, plays music and navigates the best routes.

  • It can even text your friends an arrival time, or more importantly sends an automatic “I’m driving” response.

  • The user interface can also be  controlled via the handlebars, meaning drivers can focus on the road. Over 70% of people use their smartphone while driving, increasing the chance of an accident by up to 160 times.

  • Contact: Bolt Mobility

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