I doubt that this will be the first time you’ve seen photos of the BGM Demonstrator and if you’ve been abroad to the occasional Euro rally (remember the days when that kind of thing was normal?) you may well have had a chance to see it up close. Surprisingly though it’s never actually been featured in a magazine, or online magazine. So here it is…





The scooter may look like an absolute gem of a machine but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the Viijay Super arrived from India in 2012 in a right sorry state. Scooter Center were looking for a Lambretta to use as a customer’s test bike for their (at the time) forthcoming RT 195 and RT 225 cylinder kits, as well as their new Lambretta big box/Clubman exhaust – both projects were a collaboration with MB Developments.


We’re not going to grace these pages with many photos of such an ugly looking machine but you can see it as it arrived here.


bgm demo 2


Test bike


At the time, Scooter Center were happy to get some new, great quality Lambretta tuning parts added to their already impressive portfolio. They tidied the tatty scooter up with a quick spray job and just in case anybody was unsure of what it was for they sprayed ‘TESTBIKE’ along the side panels in big garish 1980s style lettering… cool. That’s how it stayed for the Belgium Euro Lambretta.

Spot those neat BGM LED indicators hiding in the legshield trim...
Spot those neat BGM LED indicators hiding in the legshield trim…


Philipp explains why it didn’t stay like that for too long, (if you look at the photos in the SC blog you’ll not need an explanation) “Then Dean Orton visited us once on the BSG 305 powered Lambretta and took the piss out of us about how a shop like Scooter Center can build a shop demonstrator looking so shite. We were easily convinced and dropped the Lambretta off in Italy where Dean collected it near the Lago di Garda”.


Modded by Mods in Italy


Rimini Lambretta Centre aren’t too shabby when it comes to building a top-notch scooter, whether it’s original and standard, modded up (which they do with absolute class – rather than the more usual ‘mod magnet’ approach of throwing cheap chrome at an unsuitable scooter and hoping some sticks to the often plastic bodywork). RLC also build a very tidy street racer, like their own demo, which we rode and featured a few years ago (that green beauty is currently for sale at RLC if you want a proper toy and have €25,000 to spare). 


Micky has terrible wind so Lorenzo needs protection
Micky has terrible wind so Lorenzo needs protection

Where’s the SLUK project scooter?


Whilst we’re talking about RLC and Casa Performance – if you remember our long-overdue SLUK Casa SSR 265 Brogue Trader project, that is currently in the very final stages of completion in the hallowed Rimini workshop. We’ll feature that once it gets released from Italy.

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Obviously, once the BGM scooter was knocked into proper shape during the dry build by the lads in Italy it needed some tasty 25th-anniversary paintwork to make it stand out a bit. Philipp told us “The paintwork was done by Pfeili in Austria who also painted lots of custom scooter in Austria and Germany in the nineties and also our Vespa Generation XI smallframe that we did for the 20th anniversary in 2012. Also nearly ten years ago… As time flies by…” You’ve got to admit, the paint is pretty classy and ties in well with the stunning smallframe Vespa at the shop. 




Under the bonnet


It’s hardly surprising what engine spec this scooter runs, BGM RT 225 with plenty of other BGM parts, both internally and out on show. It also runs a Cyclone 5 Ultimate gearbox. Suspension and shock absorbers are also BGM, they’re combined with a Casa Performance master cylinder. 


They could almost be twins...
They could almost be twins…


Double demo


All in all this collaboration between some of the big hitters in the scooter world has produced a stunning machine, well worthy of being used as the shop demonstrator. Although I’m not sure I’d trust a load of throttle happy Scooterists to thrash a scooter as nice as this. Or its twin sister…




As you can see, the demo also has a beautiful twin, which is just as well because a journalist from another scooter publication was unfortunate enough to crash one of them during a Scooter Center open day… Luckily the damage wasn’t too bad and after a hasty overnight rebuild, it was still shown in Cologne the following day. 


Although he should have taken heed of the warning on the running in sticker, it translates as…


Please treat the BGM Demostrator with respect, otherwise Ulf Schröder will kill you.”


Words: Iggy

Photos: Scooter Center 



BGM Demonstrator engine specs


Cylinder: BGM RT 225

Crankshaft: BGM 60/110

Ignition: BGM ignition

Carb: PWK 28 (running through the BGM airbox with BGM air hose)

Gearbox: Cyclone5 Ultimate

Clutch: BGM 46 teeth, 6 plates

Exhaust: BGM Big Box V4

BGM demonstrator gallery

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