1. Zap Brannigan

    “Somebody had cloned your children and filled the neighbourhood with bastard clones…”

    A brilliant phrase that sums up the situation graphically.

    I intend to keep my money on ice for now and support a long time, die hard British scooterist in his ongoing saga in Thailand when the bigger CC Series 1 lookalikey comes out, rather than support the Quisling, Poundshop Patriot’s choice, the hoy palloy’s (sic) choice.

    Good on you Frank and wife. When you get to our age, we have all pissed somebody/many people off along the way but at least we keep the faith and the flag flying. A thumbs up to the Thai people involved too.

    Go Scomadi!

  2. Nudger

    Very interesting article & good luck to them.

  3. Legio X

    Why havent there been any reports on the manual gearbox 450 cc scomadi special edition GSF scooter ?
    This was advertised on the GSF by Sqooter.com as a limited edition about 2 years ago.
    30 people paid a 3000€ deposit and got nothing in return, a very few have recieved their deposit back but many are still waiting for a refund.
    Sqooter has gone silent, has this situation anything to do with Scomadi or is it down to Sqooter.com alone?
    The situation has been going on for ages but no reports on anywhere apart from GSF.
    I would have expected SLUK to have picked it up if there is a connection to Scomadi?

    • iggy-grainger

      Hello Legio,

      I wasn’t aware that there were people who had actually paid deposits for the 450, all we heard in the UK were rumours about a possible special edition pre-order for the GSF. I’ve asked the question though so will reply with an answer as soon as I get one.

      • iggy-grainger

        I’ve spent quite a bit of time speaking to various parties about this today. I’m confident that Scomadi never received any deposits for the fabled ‘450’. Dave at RetroTech did all the development work for it for Ron but wasn’t paid anything for the work he did, either by Ron or Scomadi.

        Both Scomadi and RetroTech have had a couple of people get in touch asking about deposits, or in Dave’s case – if he can build them a 450. I’m not sure how many deposits were taken but it’s a German problem rather than UK/Scomadi issue by the looks of things.

  4. Legio X

    Hi Iggy, thanks. 30 people paid a 3.000€ deposit to Sqooter.com, I Think, despite promises that the deposits would be refunded by last october, that only about 3 people have recieved their money back. Worrying as the scooter hasnt gone into production and Sqooter has gone quite about it.

  5. Fingers

    Thanks, Iggy. Some investigative journalism might be called for. This issue has been a bit of a biggie on the german scene in general and the victims in particular for a while now…. Maybe you guys can help solve this whodunnit by getting statements from both Sqooter-Ron and Sanderson? People are just feeling scammed right now, at best with flashbacks to the Rosser-Project. Thanks, F.

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