1. Spirit of 84

    Well clearly the Meltdown Vid is the best, and I’ am not saying it because my name is Spirit of 84, that’ s pure coincidence!

  2. SO84

    Let there be spirit – germany and the meltdown

  3. DiabloDemon

    They are both good but Meltdown has it for me.

  4. Mark Big 7

    Big 7 defo (sorry Marcus) x

  5. Lindsay

    Both did a great job but Meltdown gets my vote.

  6. markpws

    Big 7 by a mile!
    Meltdown looks like fun though-do you bring your own dialysis machine?

  7. vespaboy69

    Meltdown for me. Just cos I’m in the vid.

  8. ts1shaun

    Both videos are well made, certainly better than I could ever do, but the Meltdown one is for me. Viva the SO84 & Darkside! 🙂

  9. LeeGoldie

    Meltdown baby..!!

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