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  1. Theraphim Hebraeorum
    2nd December 2016 @ 10:32 pm

    Around town I have mostly been wearing open face lid with visor, leather gloves, jeans, shoes and a normal coat. Max speed 30 mph. Of course!

    Big A roads or Mways always wear full face lid, leather gloves, boots, armoured trousers and jacket. Max speed 70 mph. Of course!

    Whilst urban traffic is a more target rich due to volume and hazards, and arguably the riskier environment, I feel much more vulnerable on a bigger road at higher speeds and dress accordingly. My armoured jackets always have a chunky back armour element not just a bit of camping rollmat foam cut to shape, as many cheaper bits of kit do.

    A mate took a spill on his T5 at a Boxhill rideout this year. Devilish front tyre blowout. Fractured vertebrae and hospitalised. Thing is, he was, unusually for him (99 times out of a hundred wearing a patched flight jacket) wearing a good quality armoured jacket that day. I actually clocked this earlier that run and remarked to him about it as being odd for him! Docs told him, if it was not for the back armour, he would be paralysed! Wow…major head-f***!

    Moral of the story is…buy some decent armoured gear or if you want to keep your parkas and flight jackets buy some armoured kit to wear underneath them even. All available on the WWW! Being paralysed is not cool, as the faecal incontinence tends to stain the white sta-press something awful…innit ;-(

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