1. David Hampson

    I think you also need to take into account that other European countries do things a little different than here, they allow 50 cc to use cycle paths so they don’t have to suffer traffic, also some of them don’t have to use a crash helmet. In France they can ride from 14 and they are able to carry a passenger. 50 cc don’t have a licence plate in Belgium.

    • Norm

      Number plates for mopeds were introduced last year here in Belgium, nowadays they are obligatory. There are two classes of mopeds here, restricted to either 25 or 45km/h. Most cycle paths are only useable by the low speed mopeds.

  2. Czech

    In Austria you can ride a moped from 15, but 1 year later you can make A1 license and ride any 125ccm
    2-wheeler with max. 15KW (which is now B-111, a very popular car-license addition) from your 16th birthday on.
    That includes any old (Vespa. Lambretta) and many new (Scomadi, Vespa GTS, Zündapp, ..) scooter.

    But i have the same problem as mentioned above – my son, now beeing 13.5 years old, spends all of his spare
    time in front of his PS4 console and says:” Scooters are uncoll !”

  3. paul d

    I think some deregulation like the things mentioned in the previous posts would make a big difference but like the above posters, my teenage son spends alot of time with social media and gaming and also thinks scooters are completely not cool! My smallframe years were about about meeting people (girls!), travelling to interesting places and rebellion/social identity along with the challenge of keeping it running. My son achieves all of these things with his computer and when he fixes it, he gets the same satisfaction I did fixing my scooter. Seeing things like Bmx Bandits, Kickstart the 80’s tv series with the trial bikes competing and that Who film were big influences on me and alot of my friends. Maybe by giving a few of the heavily subscribed you tubers a moped and a series of tasks to be completed along with a meet up somewhere could change things the way Ewan and Charlie convinced alot of people to buy an adventure motorbike and give it a go.

  4. greg531

    Here in the States, mopeds, the ones with pedals, are going up in price, because of the club, Moped Army. Prices for a used one that runs, starts at $500, and it goes up from there. The only new one for sale here, is the Tomos.
    Scooters sales are slow, Piaggio lost many dealers, while China stuff is a third of the price, and tend to have problems when out of warranty, which is mostly only 6 months, here. My local dealer only has 2 or three in stock, but will order anything that Piaggio handles. We don’t get all models here, in the States, but when we do, some scooters have funky turns signals that stick out, per Federal regulations, but we get brighter headlights on some models, and 2 strokes are becoming a thing of the past, with most models are now 4 strokes, to pass the smog requirements.
    The real problem, is gas costs only around $3 a US gallon, and in my midwest area, which is in a snow belt, can be ridden for 8 to 9 months….It’s hard to ride in snow, and most don’t. SUV’s are popular, and around here, 4 wheel is nice for those real snow events.
    In most States, with 50cc scooters, you only need a car licence, while insurance is not needed, until you get into the motorcycle class….Anything above 50cc, in most States, you need a motorcycle licence, which is easy to get…just take a $50 class for a couple of weekends, in my area. Your restricted to 30 mph, by law, with 50cc’s, but if you are going with traffic, the cops don’t care how fast you are going, and many of them are kitted to 65 to 80cc’s.
    My club, which had 30 to 40 riders, is down to 6 or 7, while the Moped club, a Moped Army chapter, has 10 to 15 riders, on weekly rides, and has rallys that gather 80 to 100 riders….

  5. EddieStone

    To back up the statement about 30mph is a minimum: I was waiting for my MoT when a young lad turned up on his 50cc scooter. It had a bit of damage that I asked him about. He said he was pushed off the road by a car driver trying to get past him after hassling him to go faster than 30mph. On a 30mph road enforced by speed cameras. To be fair the kid was so furious he took his helmet off and smashed the car windscreen with it. “I can’t wait til my birthday so I can get a 125.”

    On another day, a kid told me how cool my scooter was, and two months time and was going to get a Peugeot. I said that having a scooter is cool, you can strap a tent to it and go off for the weekend with your mates. He looked at me completely blankly, the cogs turning in his head, “Can you?”. He hadn’t considered anything more than razzing round town, where when I was his age all we wanted to do was get out of town!

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