1. colin4255

    I couldn’t agree more Iggy. I live out near Cadwell park in Lincolnshire, and the bikers are all out when the suns out, lockdown or not. If one comes off and we need police, ambulance, doctors, nurses etc then you will be coming into contact with literally dozens of people. Not good. Not neccessary. Stay home and be patient. The more people flout the rules, the longer the lockdown will be and the more people will die. I just don’t understand why some people don’t get it?

  2. Marty ULC

    I commute all year on the bike, usually when sun’s shining I take one of the classic scooters for a change but I don’t want to risk needing the very nice man from the AA so am sticking to the modern jap bike until it all blows over.
    Still get the odd filthy look off dog walkers who just assume I’m out for a spin because it’s sunny.

  3. G515PRB

    I agree Ig, I have taken my scoot a couple of times to fetch the shopping (instead of the car) other than that just a kick up on the drive to smell that sweet, sweet 2 stroke aroma

  4. db67

    Good point, but what about the BIG increase in car traffic in the last week or so? or don’t car drivers have accidents ?

  5. db67

    PS granted some of these drivers will be shopping for supplies,taking medicines & other essential items to vulnerable people but a lot of the cars I have seen while on my daily walk are full of groups of young lads just driving around & around! even the government daily update showed an increase in road traffic, obviously these drivers think they are exempt from the government’s restrictions.

    • colin4255

      Hi, I agree. I am sure not everyone riding around on motorcycles is ‘joy rding during lockdown’, but where I live is 12 miles from anywhere and at the side of a road famous as a great ride with the power ranger community. Last Saturday I saw dozens of bikes. Mostly riding in groups of 2 or 3, at very high speecd. Not one of them had a rucksack, bag or anything else that would lead me to believe they were going to or from work or the shops. I am not counting out the odd one may have been riding legitimatel;y, but most weren’t. There were also a lot more cars on the roads too. I am, not disputing may of those are disobeying the lockdown, but the article/letter was about motorcyclists and scooterists, hence my original comments. And to be make sure I include everyone – last Sunday 30 odd members of a Linconlshire Road Cycling Club were caught doing their high speeed close quarters Tor De France style riding on the same road. They were all stopped by the Police. I wonder how many of them claimed to be members of the same family out exercising?

  6. Nudger

    I quote point 4 above when i go out on the scoot – my wife wields a mean rolling pin…

  7. 19white88

    It’s not just bikers disobeying government guidelines I’ve heard plenty of classic scooters riding around while sitting in the garden.

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