1. John Lindgren

    Best riding item I have ever bought, used for a few years now and wouldn’t travel without it, lets you do another 100 miles when me arse/back would have said no

    • ULC Shane

      Been using one of these since 2011 after a very long trip to Norway had my arse screaming for one. Absolutely love them and always recommended them too anyone that inquire about it. 250 -300 miles a day ache free, what’s not to like

  2. Pottsy

    Couldn’t agree more, a number of us in our club ride across Europe and swear by Airhawks…Yes they are pricey but you can use one on several scoots and is quickly removed so can keep the good looking Ancilotti and parked up looks as gorgeous as ever, As a bonus they make good pillows when camping

  3. MikeCollum

    Yep, after a chat with Sticky a few years ago, me and the Mrs got one each (@ £85 a pop) and would be lost without them.
    They are a bit of a faff to fit, but we aided that by getting rid of the standard clips and attaching ‘click-lock’ fasters like you get on many ruck-sacks etc. And we would NEVER leave them on the scoot, even for a short time.
    They have allowed us to travel almost 100 miles non-stop before feeling anything like the comfort issue we used to have. Brilliant.

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