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The long-awaited new 5-speed Clo5e Ratio gearbox from AF Rayspeed is in stock now and available from Tuesday 23rd January. It retails at just £495 for a set of five loose gears, gear cluster and gear selector making it much cheaper than others on the market. AF has been testing it on the road and track, and I’m sure a few rally riders will give them a thorough testing this year as well. 


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Two 5th gear options


Gear ratios have been chosen to be as close as possible to the old AF close-ratio 4-speed gearbox but the extra gear narrows the jump between gears down even further. 


35 tooth ‘Standard set up


There are two fifth gear options with the Clo5E Ratio set up, a 35-tooth ‘standard’ gear, this gives a 9% jump from 4th to 5th using GP200 sprockets (18/47). It gives a 5.2 4th gear, followed by a 4.8 5th gear. AF have found that set up to be their favoured ratio for riding with a group when your speed might be dictated by other riders. For instance, if you’re riding at 50mph on a tuned scooter you’ll often find the scooter bogging in 4th but 3rd might be screaming its nuts off.


34 tooth ‘Alternative’ gear 


The ‘Alternative’ set up is a 34-tooth 5th gear option. This brings the jump up to 12% between gears when using an 18-47 final drive. The new final drive gearing will be 4.7. This set up is for faster, more aggressive riding. When racing… errm, riding quickly somewhere alone or with a group of quicker friends. 


The two 5th gear options also make it easier to achieve the final drive you require without replacing your existing crownwheel, for instance, if you already have a high-spec clutch fitted. 


Gear ratios


  • 17-46 std 35 5th  FD = 4.98
  • 17-46 alt 34 5th FD = 4.84
  • 18-46 std 35 5th FD = 4.71
  • 18-46 alt 34 5th FD = 4.57


1st Gear is 10 – 45 instead of the 11 – 50 of the Pacemaker and AF Close Ratio. This makes a 1% difference to the ratio but is significantly stronger.


  • 2nd Gear is 13 – 41 as was the Pacemaker and AF Close Ratio.
  • 3rd Gear is 16 – 38 as is the Indian GP200 and AF Close Ratio.
  • 4th is 18 – 36 as is the Indian GP200 and AF Close Ratio
  • Standard 5th is 19 – 35 as is the Pacemaker 4th
  • Alternative 5th is 19 – 34 


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AF have been running samples of their Clo5e Ratio gearbox for over a year now in a Group Six race bike and a few powerful road bikes. The highest mileage scooter has covered 4500 miles, mostly in a 28bhp RB ridden as a daily commuter by mechanic Scott. According to AF, Scott’s riding style is “Best characterised as aggressive…”


AF also said “Although most of the ratios are familiar the profile and clearances of the gears have been altered to reduce friction and noise.  The metallurgy, and surface treatments are also new to Lambretta gearboxes.” 





All Clos5e Ratio gearboxes will be supplied with instructions highlighting checks that need to be carried out whilst fitting. If you can competently fit a standard gearbox then you can fit one of these but AF stress “I do not wish to underestimate the skill of a good mechanic, there are a lot of checks in building a standard gearbox if in any doubt have it fitted by your local dealer.  It is cheaper to get it right once than risk your safety and money on ‘it’ll be alright.'”


According to Ben at AF, as long as your engine is in good condition then the only other thing you’ll need to buy is a selection of gear shims but AF have also been replacing gearbox bearings, selector shafts, tie bars and gear cables at the same time to ensure gear selection is as good as possible. There’s no point having a fancy new gearbox if the rest of your components are worn. AF also fit the Double row FAG rear hub bearing (more info on those to follow) as well but say any good quality rear hub bearing is fine. 


Contact: Give AF Rayspeed a call on 01944 710693, or visit their website and tell them we sent you. 


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