Brilliant. This needs to happen a lot more. I think we should bring back the “Stocks” for these types of criminals.

    Placed in the town centre. The scumbag is put in the stocks, named and shamed and debagged. The public can throw spoiled produce at said scum for a pound a go, with all proceeds raised going to victims. The whole event is video’d and uploaded to social media.

    In Germany, the equivelent punishment was to lock the thief in a barrel with his arms and legs sticking out. Write his name and crimes on the barrel and bundle and kick him through the streets.

    Call me old fashioned but this is much more satisfying than yet another worthless probation order dished out by the impotent criminal justice service.

    • Nudger


      • Pascal Leirens

        Tar and feathers like in the good old days…………

    • Luanna Loobylu Arstall

      Well that’s well n truly got his card marked, I have to say you’ve made him walk the “named & shamed” plank in style… He’ll now be “to hot handle” around his town so if he stupidly attempts to destroy another person’s life by swiping their beloved Scooter or Motorcycle he’ll no doubt have the full weight of the massive “2 wheels society” bare down on his miserable little shoulders…
      And he can be 1000% sure of one thing ~ The nxt time they have to pay him a visit ~ it definitely won’t be a peaceful one.
      Just saying

  2. Jean D'Audignac

    Good job !!

  3. Liam

    Glad it went off peaceful. Confronting innocent family members could have gone wrong but at least the turnout forced some sort of response from his brothers.

  4. paul d

    I’m liking the idea of “the stocks”. I’ve never heard of it before but sounds satisfying. Well done to all who participated.

  5. Andrew Grieves

    So whats his name and address?

  6. Jerry McDonough

    Well done Lads, my Yamaha MT09 was stolen about 6 weeks ago and recovered about 3 weeks ago the bike is a write off because the headstock cracked when the bastards broke the steering lock, it had only Done 1,000 miles

  7. Wayne Harris

    good to see it /// it should happen more often I also like the idea of stocks better than an asbo or community order and maybe the towrag would have second thoughts well done fellas

  8. Jane Nicholas

    Bloody well done I say ! Good job all round ! 100 per cent behind you. Name and shame! It’s about time people stood up and stand together in peaceful protest like this.

  9. Michael Smith

    Well done lads and lasses . Good on you for a peaceful talking to. I bet he got the message

  10. Pete Haywood

    Nice one lads and lasses of the scooter world. You are dead right about public punishments and I for one condone it even if it does mean the poor poor thieving twat is named and shamed. The people ( victims of crime) are in need of recompense when it comes to crime and punishment against those who destroy other people’s lives.I say name and shame this piece of worthless scum bag and lets see him squirm in the gutter. The justice system of this country is a joke and those that are in the position to enforce it are a even bigger joke with people who in most cases have never ever been the subject of a crime ( other than committing one by not enforcing the law properly). If it works, then bring back the old days where those who insist on committing crime were dealt with imminently by the public, i think you call it being a vigilante now a days but who gives a toss.

  11. Craig Chicharito Nicholls

    Just a shame that the pic in this ain t the person’s house that stole the bike

    • Iggy

      We’ve removed that picture and added some additional text.

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