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Yesterday 40 scooterists met up and took part in a peaceful and well-organised ‘Show of Strength’ ride out in Gloucestershire. As we reported here last week, Steve Stuckle had his Vespa PX stolen from his house after the thief covered his CCTV. Steve appealed through social media to try and get his scooter back, the scooter was later found dumped, and with £1000 worth of damage. Thankfully he also found out the identity of the thief and decided to do something about it. 
Steve's stolen PX
Steve’s stolen PX

Steve and the fellow riders (some had ridden up from as far as Weston-Super-Mare to show their support) rode over to the renowned local thieves house. Once there Steve knocked on the door (the wrong door as it happens – you can see in the video in the comments that he’s then directed across a green to the correct address). Once at the right house, as neighbours and onlookers watched in bewilderment Steve spoke to the lad’s brothers, who told Steve “They are fed up of him and he deserves a good kicking.”

Steve also had the support of locals, he told us “People in the street came out and actually said it’s about time someone did this as it is getting bad with him”.

£1000 repair bill

Before leaving, Steve handed over an invoice for £1000 for the damage to his scooter. We’ll be surprised if it gets paid but it may just make the thief realise he’s known, as is his address and that the scootering community will stick together.


This story went viral, we had over 50,000 readers and it was shared hundreds of times. It shows the strength of feeling around crimes of this kind. It was a simple show of strength, rather than vigilante gang out for justice. Just as well really, seeing as the original information was incorrect and the riders turned up at an innocent families address to begin with.

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