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  1. Zap Brannigan

    Many thanks for the update on this. Looks like EU anti-tamper legislation and environmental (fuel economy) legislation hampering in tandem here. As usual, the tinkerer and fettler prevails. Huzzah! In your face EU meddlers.

    However, this modification would surely invalidate your Piaggio warranty and more permanently invalidate your insurance, would it not?

    Did you declare this to your insurer and what was the premium increase if any? Maybe you two wheeled journo types who are in the know may get a free pass but the average Joe trying to make a warranty claim with Piaggio for an engine problem or reporting the modification to the insurers would get short shrift eh? Surely the PADs would show over baseline factory programmed performance when you get a dealer service and they would suss it out.

    The speedring is involved in the braking system and I could imagine a thorough engineer’s report after a serious accident identifying the modification (possible but how likely?) and this would drop you in it, as it is the insurer’s first instinct to wriggle out of a claim by finding anything amiss.

    Funnily enough, I have seen quite a few used HPEs advertised at dealers with very low miles on and not being demo’s have thought that people may have got pissed off with the restriction and handed them back disappointed, especially when a 125 scooter like a Forza or XMax can get damn close to the HPE 300’s top speed. What’s the point of doubling the cc and cost for a commuter when a 125 is on a par in performance?

    I was in the market to upgrade as I like the styling changes over my ’13 GTS but not now. I will wait for the 325 Lambretta or Scomadi Series 1 lookalikey and see how they fare. You lost a customer of 40 years Piaggio. Bravissimo!

    If the EU control freaks had their way we would all ride at 28 MPH with stabilisers and full dayglo airbag suits on. A pox on them all.

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