Scooterwest in the USA have done dyno runs on these new GTSs and whilst they accelerate better than previous iterations, they hit the rev limiter at around 75mph!??? The graphs showing earlier 300s hitting the magic 80 plus mark. Is this a fuel economy measure required for E4 or a US market thing? My 2013 GTS hits 80 mph (GPS) and I will not be trading up to something that costs more but is significantly slower-requiring me to possibly invalidate the warranty by fitting an aftermarket ECU or a have a remap. That extra 5 mph in the real world is the difference between making a safer, clean overtake of that truck spraying a cloud of crap at you on a rainy day in heavy traffic or being stuck behind it in the danger zone. That 5mph plus means safer riding on big nasty roads to me. WTF Piaggio! One further gripe about new vehicles generally, as motorised vehicles get more complex the ability to self service diminishes. The cost of running the machine necessarily goes up and you are locked into getting work done in this case by Piaggio dealers only (with a variable reputation for good service) who have the latest diagnostic electronic-ickery and e-service record (there no longer being a servicing record book but I guess you could rquest a print out). Your local competant bike mechanic does not have access to all that jazz. Yarblockos! Bring back carbs! Just wait until electric engines are the norm…that will be in the realm of Nikola Tesla to sort out not your home mechanic with a Haynes manual.

    I look forward to reading how the HPE performs once loosened up.
    Ride safe.

  2. David Hampson

    Are you going to give us details of clutch changes and variator differences, i know when they re did the MP3 they fitted a J kosta Variator.

  3. Nelly

    Come on Iggy, get some miles on it, loosen it up and let’s have the real world, flat out on the road GPS speeds, so we can decide if an upgrade may be an option.
    Look forward to reading your findings!

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