Very nice indeed but for £5400 +/- I’ll pass…until I get a good offer on one of my kidneys on Russian ebay anyway.

    I note some UK dealers are going one better with the addition of a lovely brown leather single saddle, custom wheels, bar end mirrors and a cool old school roadster style round “STOP” rear light to replace the extruded rectum OE.

    I hope that for a “Special” Piaggio have addressed the front seam rot spot on this type of body by actually galvanising the steel or at least by making sure the seam weld is complete and a good thick layer of mastic applied internally….as it is not on my and many other GTS’s!

    Until Piaggio make it clear they are galvanising and weatherproofing the bodywork on the GTS/Primavera/Sprint range I will not be buying another modern Vespa. Shame. 🙁

  2. Bjorn Toulouse

    Basically its a GTV without the leather saddle.
    +1 on the previous comment on galvanisation the seam on my wife’s LXV has been stripped down and repainted 3 times. Now it dorns hammerite!!


    PS. After filling up my GTS with gas and the solvent liquid pissing out on the rear panels for the umpteenth time (despite lifting the baby carrier up ) it just occurred to me that the nice No. 6 on the Sei Giornio model will be fecked in no time at all! Ha! Just goes to show how much product development goes into Piaggio’s so called “Added Value” special models. Never mind the fundamentals like rotting chassis and problematic fuelling just give it another paintjob, restyled seat no. 50 and put some stickers on it. The engineering genius that was Carradino D’Ascanio is rotating in his grave! Bah!

  4. Fevos Papadopoulos

    First of all, very thorough and well done review, second, I love this scooter!!!! I am buying it in the next days! In Greece we have a lot of sun, and I have a GTS 300 that I am selling to replace it with the Sei Giorni, keep up the good work!!!!!

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