1. 2wheelover51

    Well that looks like serious fun! And no doubt great fuel economy from the 300cc motor, mmm, definitely something to think about!

  2. Nick Cuppello

    As iv’e owned the 2012 300LT and now a 2015 500Sport there is a huge difference, 90% of my riding is two up and the 300 didnt do the job, that said, it handled so much better due to being lower with the smaller wheels than the new ones, at 5’6″ i am at tip toes on the new ones when i stop.
    Having spoken ‘off the record’ with the mechanics at the main dealer i had the misfortune to buy mine from i for one will never gift Piaggio with my money for a new one ever again, corrosion is a bug issue, rusty frame at 14months old, bubbling casing, wheel blistering etc……they just blow you out, the list of warranty claims was endless with a 70% success rate..then there’s the big one……..steering bearings…….the mechanic said the only thing he’d guarantee on it is that they would be knackered every 6500miles with out fail at a dealer price of £700 a time to change them.
    Once my finance is cleared its gone, back to an earlier model for me!

  3. Rouby Roo

    Nick, every MP3 needs it’s steering bearings done at that price. May I suggest a Peugeot Metropolis (newest model)?

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