1. Michael Marchant

    I bought a PX at the end of last year as the model was going out. I hope that Piaggio bring a new model with traditional looks and gears, a little (or lot?) more power would also be welcome.

  2. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    As Italy is still an EU member state (maybe to change this year), and the other Brussels Sprouts are looking to go ‘lectric in 10 years time or so, the shelf life of such a new model, at least for EU production, would be limited would it not?

    Will Piaggio really build a potentially terminal product. The PX lasted 40 years and they surely got their money back on the tooling! Yet a completely new geared machine using an internal combustion engine is just going to become extinct in a few years anyway.

    I really can’t see it, unless these will be high end, exclusive machines with a price tag to match. A modified GTS with a tiptronic pseudo manual shift surely would make more sense and take the Vespa as a fossil fuel burner to the end of its reign into the leccy era.

    OK by me, as I really want a scoot that makes a noise like those flying scooters in the Jetsons that could be made by an artificial exhaust pipe digital speaker system. Coooooool!

  3. Nigel Beevers

    leccy vehicles and self driving cars etc is never going to happen

  4. Nigel Beevers

    maybe one of the old frames, sprint super rally could be fitted with an lx type auto engine ?

  5. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    @Nigel Beevers. Have you seen Germany’s recent declaration that they will go electric by 2030?

    They set the pace in the EU zone and other countries will follow suite. Why do you think Piaggio and Italjet have just introduced leccy versions of their scoots.

    The Brussels Sprouts are serious about emissions and small machines like commuter scooters are perfect for leccy engines.

    Sorry mate, but never is a very long time and ten years is a more likely scenario. Buy an old classic status scoot now as I can see the newer 2ts being banned from town centres as has happened in Italy. Look at what is happening in London….a non Euro 4 compliant scooter (2T Vespa PX or Lammy) will have to pay the congestion charge!

    The world moves on and the wants of a small number of retro fossil fuel Luddites amounts to nothing but a hill of beans.

    Enjoy and ride safe, whether fossil or leccy 😉

  6. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    • Nigel Beevers

      is that the same Germany that said no more nuclear power stations, so they’ll be burning coal. very clean. electric vehicles will be fine if we plug them in at home with a flex 150 miles long. but things might get a bit knotty

  7. erasmo

    Sticky, I would recommend option 5. But not with the DiTech system. I would take German Ficht technology which have roots in GDR developments from Dresden. After reunification it was finally developed in Bavaria and bought by US outboard gigant Evindrude. It is nearly 20 years in production and worked well.

  8. erasmo

    Here more about Ficht injection inside Evinrude


    Here is the Homepage of developing Company: https://www.provenion.de/65-0-FFI.html

  9. Rouby Roo

    The simplest option:

    Make a PX50 (similar to the PX80) that would be restricted to 28 mph, but by using a tiny bore which would make it easily upgradable to 125/150 via aftermarket kits (already on the market). As the 50cc Euro 3 2 stroke is still exempt until 2018, that will extend the PX another year at least.

    • Sticky

      We like your devious thinking Roo

      • Rouby Roo

        Yep. Imagine too that a 16 year old can benefit by starting with a PX50 and just upgrading when they get older to a 125cc (A1 license) or higher (A2/A license) – and never have to buy another scoot.

        Piaggio, are you listening? 🙂

    • Nigel Beevers

      better still 200 engine, with a 50 cylinder. i’ll buy that

  10. Tiago Neves

    The only mistake that Piaggio\Vespa is doing is never work on time and only worry about possible profit like if they have a crystal ball.. The Px model is like the Father of Scooters, its her most famous model and at some points was almost the only scooter with gears you could buy, this model also have such a special engineering layout it really is an unusual work something on the level of Porsche and abarth… If they had keep working and developed this model into bigger chassi\Engine they would had keep the flame alive and would be making records of sales like Porsche always did with the 911 .. in my opinion they should do a new model a little bit bigger to allow bigger wheels and space for 2 persons and they can t go wrong in making an two stroke direct injection and a 125 and 300cc 4stroke air cooled engine, on the first models to make simple(War machines) and classy they should use air cooled engines then if the sales are good and people required more speed they should work on liquid cooled versions.. Px has to be manual and has to have Auto versions.. Lucky for Piaggio that LML always had financial problems and end up having to close.. I buy one LML 4t 200cc new in 2016 i have almost 16000 km and i am happy with the bike but i know this model can be a lot better and have much better quality if it was worked by Piaggio and treated with the respect this model deserve basaly like Porsche does with the 911..

  11. Rouby Roo

    With LML in the brink, it would be wise if Piaggio bought the rights/tooling from LML to make a 4t PX which would be automatic. They can then use existing Piaggio 4t Euro 4 auto powerplants to replace the cobbled Daelim unit used in the LML. With combined braking, this would be feasible for Euro 4.

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