One thing that makes scooter riding so appealing is that we have plenty of destinations to ride to and loads of friends to do it with. Why not add in a competitive element to spice things up this year?


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In comparison to us, most bike riders don’t have that sense of belonging, or a reason to ride to far off destinations. They end up with the monotony of going to a local bikers haunt to get a bag of chips and an adrenaline ‘fix.’ That buzz wears off faster than the chicken strips on their underused tyres. 


Destination unknown


Thankfully us low-powered, small-wheeled scooter riders can ride to a different destination every weekend if the mood takes us. We can usually ride there with a group of friends and know there’s a good party to be had at the seaside (or inland town) when we get there.


The championships


For many that’s where the various championships come in. Although they’re not for everybody they do give a competitive edge to what we do and if you’re serious about winning there’s a chance you’ll end up going to some places you might not have considered otherwise. Especially with the Lambretta Club of Great Britain (LCGB) and the Vespa Club of Great Britain (VCB) Championships. Both of which have over 20 signing on events. 


Here’s a quick look at the three main scooter riding championships, the signing on dates and events and how to get involved. 


The 2016 BSRA Championship winners, main sponsors and championship controllers
The 2016 BSRA Championship winners, main sponsors and championship controllers


BSRA Championship


The BSRA Championship is designed to support the National Rallies. If you’re planning on doing most of them and want to be in with a chance of winning a trophy, some goodies and an insurance voucher it’s worth doing this one. 


It’s also a good idea to do this championship if you’re a VCB or LCGB member and you’re competing in your respective club championship. You may as well sign on for the BSRA as well. All solo riders and clubs (at least four members signing on) are welcome.


All you need to do is to send your name, address & postcode via the BSRA website. You will then get your signing on card, which you need to present at each BSRA rally. The signing on point is at the Lexham Insurance stand, either at the campsite or parts fair. Lexham are the main sponsor of the BSRA championship and the winners get free insurance vouchers plus other prizes from the likes of Tucano Urbano, as well as a nice trophy. SLUK sponsor one of the trophies, others are sponsored by VCB, LCGB, SWSC, VFM and of course Lexham Insurance.


If you’re a rally-going club or solo rider, have a go. It’s based on mileage & all you have to is choose 8 of the BSRA rallies (you can drop the 2 nearest rallies). The National rally dates are on the flyer below, click it to get to the BSRA website.


How to enter


Send your details via the BSRA website or visit the Lexham stall at Scarborough at Easter.


Signing on


Rick & Ann will be manning (and womaning) the signing on point on Saturdays between 9am & 1pm at the custom show (unless notified otherwise).


BSRA National rallies


Lambretta Club BSM Championship 


One of the most fiercely fought and hardest championships to win is the LCGB Best Supporting Member Championship. It’s tough for a number of reasons, firstly you’re not going to win it unless you ride there and back on a Lambretta (less points are awarded for other types of scooter). Secondly it has the most signing on events – 21 in total. As well as all the national rallies there are various club and local events to attend plus the Euro, which in 2017 is in Italy. The 2015 female winner, Ann Murphy covered around 11,000 miles in total to win the championship that year. 


Winning the BSM takes great commitment and a reliable scooter. You can find out the full details and how to enter on the LCGB website. The signing on point is usually at the LCGB club shop on the campsite/custom show. The full list of signing on events are printed below. The leaderboard is printed in each issue of Jetset (LCGB club magazine). 


LCGB – BSM signing on events


Event 1: 4th March – Modrapheniacs SC Rally

Event 2: 18th March – Southport – VFM pre-season

Event 3: 15th April – Scarborough – BSRA National

Event 4: 22nd April – Solent Cougars – South Downs run

Event 5: 29th April – Weston-Super-Mare – BSRA National

Event 6: 6th May – Flying 8 Balls SC RALLY

Event 7: 13th May – Coast 2 Coast, C2c  to St Bees, LCGB

Event 8: 20th May – Rotherham SC rally

Event 9: 27th May – Kelso BSRA rally

Event 10: 3rd June – Euro Lambretta Italy

Event 11: 10th June – Big 7  Kent BSRA national

Event 12: 8th July – Cleethorpes BSRA rally

Event 13: 15th July – 4 Nations rally – Shipston on Stour

Event 14: 22nd July – Llandudno BSRA national 

Event 15: 5th August – York SC rally

Event 16: 19th August – LCGB Derby 150 rally

Event 17: 26th August – IOW BSRA national

Event 18: 2nd September – Mersea Island rally

Event 19: 16th September – LCGB members rally, Cartmel Lake District

Event 20: 23rd September – Woolacombe BSRA national

Event 21: 28th October – Bridlington BSRA national



Vespa Club of Britain


If you swing towards the Vespa side of the fence the VCB run their own championship, which will cover 20 events in 2017. To enter you need to be a member of the VCB and sign on at each event. The signing on point is at the VCB stall. 


The Vespa Club have just launched their brand new website and appointed a new championship controller. The championship points tally will be kept up to date both on the website and in Vespa News during the season. 


2017 Vespa Club Championship events


Event 1: 2nd April – VMSC Extravaganza – Ryton-on-Dunsmore

Event 2: 8th April – Two Channels Dash – Weston to Weymouth

Event 3: 14-17th April – BSRA Scarborough National rally

Event 4: 23rd April – Vespaholics St George’s Day rideout

Event 5: 28-30th April – BSRA Weston-Super-Mare rally

Event 6: 5-7th May – Phoenix Night’s rally – Hinckley Leicester

Event 7: 13-14th May – Gravesend Sentinels SC custom show and parts fair

Event 8: 26-28th May – BSRA Kelso National rally

Event 9: 9-11th June – BSRA Big 7 National rally

Event 10: 16-18th June – Newark-on-Trent rally

Event 11: 7-9th July – BSRA Cleethorpes National rally

Event 12: 14-16th July – VCB British Vespa Days Dunbar

Event 13: 21-23rd July – BSRA Llandudno National rally

Event 14: 13th August – Beat the Bikers Matlock

Event 15: 25-28th August – BSRA IOW National rally

Event 16: 1-3rd September – Mersea Island rally

Event 17: 8-9th September – WOT scooter rally – Weston-on-Trent

Event 18: 22-25th September – BSRA Woolacombe National rally

Event 19: 6-8th October – VCB rally – TBC

Event 20: 27-29th October – BSRA National rally Bridlington


Starters orders


That’s your three main championships sorted then, you’ve still got a few weeks until it all kicks off again so get out to the garage and make sure your scooter is all sorted and ready to roll…


Whatever you plan to do this year just get out there and have fun. If you do want to enter a championship beware that it may well take over your whole life. 


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