1. Andrew George Webster-Noble

    Great review for a fantastic scoot but I think you’re forgetting the Piaggio Beverly 350. It has an extra 8hp over the new SH(32.8), is faster (our demo has 96 on the clock), better fuel economy and you can get get a full face lid (and a half) under the seat. It also looks a lot better and costs less!

    • Sticky

      Good point, once you are in full-licence territory it makes little difference which capacity you pick.

    • Iggy Grainger

      We’re not forgetting the Beverley, it is fantastic for sure. Handles very well, it’s quick and good fun but the capacity is a bit too high to compare directly to the SH.

      Having said that though, we know the GTS and SH are very different beasts, owned by very different riders.

  2. keepsmiling

    Well done for this article! After reading and thoroughly enjoying every section, I literally subscribed!
    I’m 45 and if I purchase one, it will be my eighth two-wheeler (with an engine). I have owned a Yamaha Salient, Honda Vision 80, Suzuki GSF-600, Kawasaki Ninja 600 J1, a Yamaha YZF-R6 (2001), a Suzuki GSX 600 R (1998) and lastly a Gilera SP180. Most recently rode one of the Honda NC 700S when I did a few months of courier work.
    Even though it was no Supersport and the engine wasn’t really exciting, it was SO capable. The handling was the best thing about that bike. HONDA!
    After riding primarily ‘Sport 6’s’, the Gilera was actually to do the knowledge (the biker in me just HAD to), I never imagined it would be that much fun or that much capable when dealing with bigger bikes around town, and it even did around 90ish. BUT it looked tasty enough for the young’uns to have a go and liberate, so that being said the Honda SH300i seems to be the best choice.

    I was close to having a look at a Gilera ST200, but once I read the handling was better on the Honda SH300i, there is no point anymore, not with the blistering reviews that I keep seeing about the Honda. Sod the looks, I would rather be enjoying the pleasure and not the pains ( in the wrists or back) of a Supersport.

    Thanks for being so on point!

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