1. David Hampson

    Take an exhaust gasket or three because this gets damaged every time you take exhaust off which will have to be done when replacing rear tyre. A puncture kit and a RAC electric pump.

  2. almal

    Well done Peter, I’m in Galway Ireland, your welcome to stay if it’s on route, I’ll have the swarfega wipes ready for any dirty mitts. Alan

  3. Martin Robson

    Looking forward to following Pete on his blog.
    Myself and Sue were part of the group that travelled down together to St Tropez in 2016 and have been good friends since. Despite nearly running over him going south through France, but that’s another story

  4. malc horton

    Fuckin lunatic

  5. ULC Shane

    Good luck PETER on ur epic trip and ride safe. Had a good chinwag with yourself at Vespa world days in Belfast last yr about ur impressive fleet

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