1. paul d

    Great start! Watching the vid brought back memories of the first time I stripped down my vespa 90 and spent ages trying to get the brake pedal out of the frame. Good on ya posting your resto. Hope your wife only has a common flu and her recovery is swift.

  2. MikeCollum

    Cheers Paul. Yeah that brake pedal wasn’t for coming out. It took ages later on. I left the pedal with Gary as that piece of floor was replaced, so hopefully it’ll go back in a little easier.
    Just to put peoples mind at rest, it was only the sidewalls of the tyres I used Back To Black, they won’t be touching the road.
    And, no, wench got the virus.

  3. hattori_hanzo

    My back ached just watching that video!

  4. ULC Shane

    Beautiful, I picked up two 1977 mk2 primmys a few years ago,The blue one is in such great condition that I’ve left it as I found it bar new tubes, tyres n rims. Fresh petrol, new spark plug and change of gearbox oil, started 3rd kick after sitting for 20 odd yrs and purrs like a kitten. The white one was a bit rougher but sold it too a good friend who’s gonna restore it at some stage.

  5. Kociuba

    Leg shield trim , I normally use the PX clip on type and cut it in the middle, although I have a feeling they now make the clip in top specifically for small frames . Possibly SIP?

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