Scooter security is something lots of scooter riders ignore, or at least don’t take as seriously as they should. Hands up, how many of you have bought a £400 aftermarket exhaust but won’t spend less than half that price on protecting your £5,000 (or more) scooter? I dare say there are lots of you looking sheepish at the back of the class, you’ll be on detention later…


Security is often something we spend money on AFTER the scooter has been stolen and (hopefully) replaced, or after an attempted theft (a bit like fitting burglar alarms & CCTV at home after you’ve had the house robbed). Never wait until you’ve been a victim of crime, be proactive and prevent it happening.


Easyblock and all the tools you'll need to fit it
Easyblock and all the tools you’ll need to fit it


On the streets


Which make and model of scooter is top of the chavvy scooter thief’s wish list? Yes, that’s right young Johnny at the back, the Vespa GTS! Closely followed by the Yamaha TMAX (although in the UK you won’t find enough TMAXs on the streets to satisfy the demands of your local drug runners).


How can we protect them?


  • Firstly: we always recommend everybody uses a good quality lock and chain, and make sure it’s fastened to an immovable object whenever and wherever the scooter is parked up – even in a locked garage. If your scooter can’t be lifted or wheeled away it’s fairly safe. We’ll be reviewing a heavy-duty lock and chain soon.
  • Secondly: A tracker is great for added peace of mind, we recommend Datatool for hard-wired trackers and MoniMoto for a very reliable, easy to use battery-operated tracker.
  • Thirdly: easy to use security is more likely to be used regularly – if you don’t have to faff about too much you’ll apply it more often.

Did somebody say ‘easy to use’?


Here we have a security option that has been developed and used widely to cut down scooter theft in Naples. It’s a simple enough idea but it’s also very discreet (maybe too discreet to be a visual deterrent?). It fixes permanently to your scooter so is always with you, it’s very easy to apply and is hard for a would-be thief to attack.


VIDEO | Unboxing the Easyblock



If ever there was an appropriate name, then this would be it. Easyblock is easy to use and blocks the wheel (maybe ‘Easyblockwheel’ would have been even more descriptive, but not quite as catchy).


If it worked as well in real life as it did in the online footage I’d seen and the quality was as good as expected then this device was well worth a look. So we had one shipped over from Italy. You can watch our unboxing video above. 


Easyblock models covered


  • Yamaha – NMAX/TMAX/Xenter 125/150/XMAX
  • Piaggio Beverly 300/350/Liberty 50/125/150/Medley 125/150
  • Vespa GTS 125/250/300 (unsure if iGet 125 is covered)
  • Kymco Agility 125/200/300/AK 550/ Downtown 300/People S/ People S 125i/150i/X-Citing 400/X-Town 300
  • Honda X-ADV/Forza 125/Integra 750/PCX 125/SH 125/150/300/Vision 110/Africa Twin 2018-
  • Sym HD300i/Symphony
  • Benelli BN 302/TRK 502X/Leoncino 500

Heavy duty


The Easyblock is designed specifically to fit individual popular modern scooter models, particularly high-theft varieties. It’s quite a simple concept but has been designed and built to very high standards by the Italian manufacturer. 


The device is designed to be fitted to a scooter and left in place so it’ll always be with you. It’s discreet because that’s what the style-conscious Italians prefer. In fact, once it’s fitted you’ll have to look closely to spot it (not always a good thing with an anti-theft device). You basically park up, pop the key in the spring-loaded lock, twist and push. That’s it, the 30mm hardened steel pin slots smoothly between the spokes of your rear wheel. Trying to move the scooter off the centre stand is impossible. 


Doable but you'll struggle to fit it without removing the end can first
Doable but you’ll struggle to fit it without removing the end can first



We chose to fit one to a friend’s Vespa GTS 300. This scooter has a Scorpion Exhaust fitted (available through us) and Vespa Sprint wheels, which have narrower spoke gaps than standard GTS wheels. To be honest, we weren’t sure the Easyblock would work with either modification so it was a good scooter to try it on.

With the can off and shock pulled free it's easy enough to get the mount out with a 24mm ring spanner
With the can off and shock pulled free it’s easy enough to get the mount out with a 24mm ring spanner


Fitting time 20 minutes


  1. On a Vespa GTS you need to remove the exhaust can/backbox (depending on the exhaust you have fitted). We tried at first to get enough access to fit the Easyblock without taking the can off but realised it was a waste of time and effort. It only takes a couple of minutes to take your end can off.
  2. Once the exhaust is removed you can undo the nut holding the bottom of your rear suspension in place.  Then pull the shock free from its bottom mounting point. 
  3. Undo and remove the mounting point bolt using a 24mm spanner (a socket isn’t deep enough).
  4. You can offer the Easyblock up to its position now.
  5. We recommend copper greasing the pin (just in case you ever need to remove it in the future) before refitting it through the corresponding hole in the Easyblock mounting plate.
  6. This secures the Easyblock to the scooter.
  7. The second bigger hole will go over the casting in the swinging arm and be covered and secured by the exhaust bracket. 
  8. Insert the key into the lock and check the pin will locate into the gap between your spokes (it will).
  9. Refit the exhaust, that’s it – job done.




All done


Fitting is easy enough for a home-fiddler to carry out in 20 minutes or less. The fit is perfect and the lock is really simple to operate. It’s on a spring-loaded barrel and the key needs to be turned before you can push the 30mm locking pin in to secure the wheel. That’s good news, it means you don’t have to worry that the pin may drop into a moving wheel accidentally. 


Once ‘locked’ the wheel will only move as far as the next spoke (not very far at all) so if you accidentally try to move it off the centre stand it won’t move far enough to damage the wheel (as I found out!). The locking pin certainly does the job.





Like ‘ordinary’ disc locks it’s quite easy for an owner to forget you’ve got one on, so you’ll need to remind yourself to check before trying to ride off. It would be a good idea if the Easyblock came with a lanyard to attach to the handlebars as a visual reminder and deterrent.


Personally I’d also like the lock to stand out a bit more, it’s great that it blends into the scooter. Unless you’re looking for it you won’t even see it, but sometimes brighter and bolder is better. I’d use a lanyard (even if it just clipped from the grab rail to the throttle) to remind me it was on. You can buy one for less than £2 off eBay. I’d probably paint the end of the lock using some bright/fluorescent paint as well, just to make it visually stand out to any wannabe light-fingered scoundrels. 

SLUK Rec flat crop



Easyblock is a very well made and designed security device. The lock is of good quality and it even has a grease nipple fitted to allow you to keep it lubricated (very handy if using the scooter through winter). The lock sits neatly out of the way and is always there to be used whenever you park up. It’s an ideal device for couriers or fast food delivery riders to use when nipping on and off the scooter. It’s also a heavy-duty device that will stop a scooter being wheeled off, no matter where you park it (great for home/work or rally use). The 30mm hardened-steel, chrome-plated pin is hard for a thief to attack due to its location and the bracket is a solid piece of kit.  


Used in CONJUNCTION WITH a decent lock and chain, Easyblock will stop most scooter thefts. 


Price & availability


The Easyblock isn’t exactly cheap but decent security isn’t, it is useful and effective though. The current price is £160 but SLUK readers can get 10% off until the end of August when you but yours through our shop (use coupon code Easyblock).


When you consider a brand new Vespa GTS costs over £5,000 it’s a fairly small percentage of the purchase price and it may just help you to hold on to your precious scooter. 




Easyblock gallery

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